Noel Thompson discusses the financial troubles faced by Puerto Rico.

US Embassy: Sanctions The Exceptions                                       The Americans and Iranians had each other in headlocks as commuters filed in and out of New York’s largest train station. Under Grand Central Terminal’s golden chandeliers and constellations of stars painted on the ceiling, the wrestlers threw each other,

Noel Thompson 2014 Oustanding American National Wrestling Hall Of Fame Induction Interview

Bloomberg: Wrestling’s Olympic Ouster Binds Russia, U.S. and Iran  Wrestlers say their sport is one of the world’s oldest. Olympic officials who last week voted to drop it from the games are finding that it’s got some of the most vocal and passionate supporters too. That ardor has brought

Los Angeles Times Op-Ed: Wrestling goes for an Olympic reversal                            I watched a video of the movie “Argo” as I flew into Tehran recently. I couldn’t help but wonder why I was willingly accompanying a group of Americans into a city that not so long ago was the scene of

“Cold War” for Albpetrol                                                           The sale of the “Albpetrol Company”, the recent strategic privatization in Albania, warns a strong geopolitical battle between the biggest world economies. The government set September 7th as the last date for making the offers and so far there have

Wall Street Journal: Is Panama the Next Switzerland?                                                      On Tuesday, the Alliance of Alternative Asset Professionals hosted an event where Noel Thompson, the young CEO and chief investment officer of a recently launched global-macro hedge fund, Thompson Global Partners, talked about the U.S. presidential election and countries around

Ex-Goldman Trader Thompson to Start Macro Fund                                                                                                                  Former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. trader Noel Thompson is starting New York based macro hedge fund Thompson Global Partners LLC by the end of March or early April. Thompson has $50 million in assets and is fundraising, he said in

Former Wrestling Star and JPMorgan Trader Noel Thompson Enters the Hedge Fund Ring                                                                                                                      A former college wrestling champion is pinning down a hedge fund. Hedge fund news source FINalternatives reported that Noel Thompson, a former vice president for global futures trading at JPMorgan Chase, will launch his first hedge fund. Thompson Global Partners

Thompson Global Partners fund to roll out end of Q1                                 Former JP Morgan futures trader Noel Thompson’s debut hedge fund, Thompson Global Partners, is set to launch on 26 March with $50m of assets, HFMWeek has learned.   It will use a global macro strategy with a 30% commodities exposure,